Yellowfever18.com – is the website dedicated to photos & videos with beautiful Asian girls from China (Taiwan, Hong Kong), South Korea, Japan, and the rest states of South-East Asia region. We collect pretty much any type of erotic (Non-nude, semi-nude, nude) content whether it’s studio photobooks or amateur cosplays. Our website has been created in the end of 2021 and our goal is to make content from Chinese, Japanese and Korean creators more accessible to people outside of Asian region. 

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Follow us on Telegram!


  • Only the best content from all over the web! Everything has been sorted out with menus, categories, albums;
  • User-friendly preview. Thumbnails with adaptive Lightbox can provide insights for content before downloading;
  • Full albums without watermarks. Enjoy watching the clean collected albums without getting annoyed at third-party watermarks (original copyright watermarks preserved). For a better user experience we dont use our own watermarks neither (small watermarks in preview galleries are generated automatically, images within archives dont contain any of them). We also removed all unnecessary EXIF metadata and renamed the files preserving author’s name, album’s name, featured model’s name and number of images.
  • Reduced filesize with quality preserving. You don’t have to allocate 1GB of your HDD space on 30 extremely-sharp images, give the same files 150MB instead. You can see no real difference in quality between 150MB’s and 1GB’s versions within the same files, and it’s not a compression but reducing the original quality by ~15% and filesize by more than twice. The original quality is suitable for the author but not for users. This also applies to videos’ bitrate. We tend to decode the original FullHD video to ~5-10mbps, 4K video to ~15-20mbps. Recommended settings are a bit higher but generally its the case for high dynamic scenes while videos that go along with photosets usually more static ones.  
  • It’s totally free! We do not restrict content that you can find somewhere else by VIP access thus 99% of everything is totally free. However, we are running private Telegram channel where you can find some exclusive content bought by us, private NSFW photos and videos, and links that provide more convenient way for downloads via Telegram without any ads, download speed restriction. As of now, you can get access to it for symbolic 3$ through Webmoney or Payeer Transfers.

We carry ad which helps us to exist. We ask you to disable your AdBlock on our website so that we can earn revenue, pay for hosting without significant costs and continue sharing high-quality content with you. You will get several popunders every few hours. Thank you!


Which file storage services do you use?

We endeavour to work with services who offers not just affordable free storage conditions but who also provides easy-to-use process that gets a user straight to the download link. So far, we’ve been saving our files through Mediafire, MEGA, Terabox, Pixeldrain and Telegram which is not just a messenger but also offers an unlimited storage space.

Do you have porn?

The website is dedicated to erotic content which might contain some censored AV scenes with sexual intercouse’ simulation but you won’t find here porn in its classic meaning. 

Can I come up with content suggestions or submit a request on specific album/model?

Yes, you can. You can make propositions via the contact form

The download link is broken!

Sometimes links are being deleted due to their expiration date and we can’t physically keep them up and running all the time since most of file storage services have expiration time.  Please use the corresponding link on the post’s page if you find any broken links or follow it directly here.

Will you update the newest content (the one that has been released a few days ago or smth) ?

NO. We do not set ourselves a goal to track anything that just came out. In some extent it’s also shows respect to the original authors that deserve to get paid for their new works. We are focused on updating quality content regargless of its release date (it could be a few months later or even a few years later). Some of its content might even already be dissapeared from official pages and be unavailable for purchasing or their authors may no longer keep release their content and/or be retired.

I am the copyright owner (affiliated 3rd party with the right to act on behalf of the owner) and found copyright infringement on the website.

Please use our contact form in order to request removal.